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Episode 70: Leigh Valentine

There are now 365 studies showing the efficacy of Ivermectin and HCQ. Lockdown outlier, Florida reports the lowest daily per capita cases in the country. Bill Gates has been charged with murder in India for his role in promoting the vaccine. The MSM ramps up the covid fear-mongering with the rollout of the Omicron variant. We also break down articles from CNN and the Los Angeles Times to show exactly how they use words to manipulate and twist the truth in order to panic the public.


Then we are joined by author, minister, and life-coach Leigh Valentine. We discuss her experiences traveling around the country to share the power of faith, her time organizing Trump rallies across America, as well as her personal life experiences that have been a driving force in overcoming adversity. We'll also discuss her books, her upcoming public appearances, and her prophetic dream from almost 35 years ago of Trump becoming president!

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