Aug. 1, 2022

Episode 102: Taking the Fight to the Enemy

Episode 102: Taking the Fight to the Enemy

Fauci and other Biden officials have been subpoenaed to answer for their blatant disregard for the Constitution. A New England Journal of Medicine study shows the vaccinated remain contagious for longer than the unvaccinated. The mask mandate gets shot down in Los Angeles County, and it turns out public health director Barbara Ferrer's daughter (who is also NOT a medical doctor), has been influencing CDC decision making with bogus studies just like her mother! Kamala Harris completely ignores CDC guidance and removes her mask in public to hug someone after being exposed to a contagious Joe Biden. Healthcare workers win $10 million in a suit over vaccine mandates, and a mother sues a Los Angeles school for jabbing her son without her consent, resulting in serious injury to the boy.

Then we are joined by attorney and founder of the California Parents Union, Tracy Henderson, to learn about her strategies and tactics for fighting back against a well-funded opposition, the CA Teachers Union in her fight for the rights of students and their parents over mask mandates and related civil rights issues. We also explore her efforts to expose and fight back against the liberal woke agenda in California to prevent the sexual grooming of children, as well as what tools people can use to make a difference in their own communities here and around the world.

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