Aug. 8, 2022

Episode 103: Medical System Corruption Exposed

Episode 103: Medical System Corruption Exposed

After the murder of his daughter Grace by a corrupt hospital, Scott Schara set out to expose the doctors and nurses behind the evil deed. What he has uncovered is even more disturbing, an organized and funded effort between government and medical providers to euthanize people with disabilities using Covid-19 hospital protocols as cover. This shocking revelation has motivated Scott and his family to not only seek legal justice for his daughter but to find and route out the stunningly massive amount of corrupt hospital officials engaging in genocide on a global scale.

In the news, colleges are no longer enforcing useless mask and vaccine mandates, court docs reveal Trudeau's government has no medical justification for their transportation mandates, and government officials ramp up the fear-porn just ahead of the elections with allegations of a major polio outbreak in New York. Plus, a UK medical regulator confirms that mRNA "vaccines" are 7400% more dangerous than all other vaccines combined, Covid deaths hit a new record in hyper-vaccinated Australia, and a 70-year-old woman is arrested for not wearing a mask at her doctor's office.

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Scott Schara


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Call their office and tell them this is immoral and illegal! 

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