Sept. 12, 2022

Episode 106: 9/11 Investigation Reveals the Truth

Episode 106: 9/11 Investigation Reveals the Truth

The People score another win against the Deep State as a judge forces government entities to reveal documented proof of their collaboration with Big Tech to suppress free speech. In another turn for the good, the NIH finally recognizes the benefits of Ivermectin and publishes a fantastic study demonstrating phenomenal prophylactic efficacy. The U.K. bans the jab for kids as it becomes apparent that the experimental drug negatively affects the reproductive capabilities of boys and the truth that the FDA, CDC, and Pfizer hid data showing the same comes to light.

Then we are joined by 9/11 expert and architect Richard Gage, AIA who shares his more than 20 years of research that proves conclusively that the official narrative is completely bogus. We discuss such impossibilities as the pulverization and melting of concrete, steel beams that were liquified and in some cases turned into swiss cheese, and the high-speed ejection of materials from WTCs 1 and 2 as they were destroyed. Plus we look at the peculiar elements of the fall of WTC 7, the only building not hit by a plane that fell at free-fall speeds, and we hear and see testimony from firefighters and others that were present who describe hearing explosions prior to the buildings falling. This and so much more on this bombshell episode!

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Richard Gage, AIA

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