Oct. 24, 2022

Episode 110: Unschooling/Self-led Education vs. the Indoctrination System

Episode 110: Unschooling/Self-led Education vs. the Indoctrination System

Is it possible to "un-school" children to help better educate them? Our guest, Moira Mills has developed a new way of teaching that is best described as self-led education. This paradigm shift in the way children learn takes homeschooling to a new level and lays bare the inequities of the compulsory education system which produces nothing more than unquestioning, subservient clones trained to serve the Beast System. Current and future generations of children can now be taught in a manner that helps them break free of the rigid norms imposed by traditional learning models and excel far beyond their peers in ways that not only better serve themselves, but humanity as a whole.

Plus, stunning news from Boston as it becomes apparent that the lessons of Wuhan have gone unheeded as researchers continue gain of function research to develop a more deadly strain of Covid-19. Also, the US government is exposed and found to have been paying the entertainment industry to not only promote the vaccine but to actually ridicule and humiliate those who chose not to participate in the largest experiment ever conducted on humankind. And the Australian government all but admits that the jab is deadly by offering to pay the funeral expenses of those who died as a result of taking the shot, leaving many to wonder why it continues to be promoted at all.

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Moira Mills

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