Nov. 7, 2022

Episode 112 - Decentralized Trade for Goods and Services

Episode 112 - Decentralized Trade for Goods and Services

The mainstream narrative of 'safe and effective' continues to crumble as CDC Director Rochelle Walenski tests positive for Covid again. Official CDC figures show the jab has killed hundreds and hospitalized thousands of children in the U.S., yet the Covid-cult is calling for amnesty for their crimes. Data from the CDC, Worldometer, and Walgreens show that the vaxxed are seven times more likely to become infected than the unvaccinated. Plus, it is revealed that the government was spying on Americans and assigning them 'Covid-19 Violation' scores, while it is revealed that the Biden administration had a direct line to Big Tech through which they could selectively censor Covid policy critics and those who opposed the 'official' narrative.

Then we are joined by friend-of-the-show Chris Hoover (formerly of Rage Against the Vaccine) to discuss his latest venture, a crypto token that facilitates trade for goods and services between two parties without the need for a third party, or government intervention. We also discuss the curious case of Paul Pelosi, the horrific statistics on all-cause mortality being revealed by a Wall Street insider, and the sinister dealings of Dr. Fauci. Plus much more! The conversation with Chris, as always is both enlightening and entertaining, so be sure to catch this compelling episode!

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