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May 24, 2021

Episode 44: Adrina and Karen

Episode 44: Adrina and Karen

The US government has, for many years, whittled away our Constitutionally protected rights. With an ever-expanding and militarized police force, illegal spying, and sanctioned murder of American citizens, the unelected bureaucrats, aka "the Deep State" have terrorized the public for nearly two decades. Now we learn that their activities are even darker and more nefarious than previously imagined.

We are joined by Adrina Mekertichian and Karen Stewart, both of whom share an awful kinship; they are targeted individuals who are being gang-stalked by black-ops government agents and paid members of the general public. Karen, who is a former NSA intelligence analyst gives an inside look into the agency and shares a horror story filled with directed energy weapons and communications interference. Adrina shares her stories of being stalked, burned with microwave energy, and having her home destroyed by arson. You'll hear this and much more in this bombshell episode.

Adrina Mekertichian


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