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Sept. 6, 2021

Episode 59, Wajid Hassan

Episode 59, Wajid Hassan

The mainstream narrative surrounding Covid is beginning to come apart at the seams. As world-renown podcaster Joe Rogan reveals that he treated his Covid with the drug Ivermectin, leftist news outlets have done their best to ridicule him. In their hubris, they made a fatal error in stating that hospitals were overrun with patients who had overdosed on the drug, also used for livestock, but it turns out it was completely fabricated. Also, side-by-side comparisons of countries that have high vaccination rates versus countries that treated patients with Ivermectin show a stark difference in case rates and morbidities. Further studies show that vaccinated individuals had a twenty-seven times higher risk of symptomatic Covid infection compared to those with natural immunity.

We are then joined by best-selling author and spiritualist, Wajid Hassan. We'll discuss his book, “The Struggle for World Sanity” as well as his experiences with UFOs, how to engage with higher-dimensional beings, the secret history of humanity, our extraterrestrial origins of 18 million years past, and much more. This is one episode that must not be missed!

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