Nov. 8, 2021

Episode 67: Hugo Goerner

Episode 67: Hugo Goerner

The Fauci facade is beginning to crumble as liberal outlet Newsweek publishes a damning editorial essentially throwing him under the bus. Ninety-one different clinical trials show that natural immunity is superior to "vaccinated" immunity. Digital drivers licenses are set to include vax status, spending habits, and social credit score. Hospitals around the world are being inundated with seriously ill, non-covid patients. Eight young people mysteriously die of cardiac arrest at a Travis Scott concert. And a doctor in British Columbia lists a decedent's cause of death as 'Climate Change'. You can't make this stuff up!

Then we are joined by author and founder of the organization EPAC (Ensure the Preservation of America and Our Constitution, Hugo Goerner to talk about his new book "United States Socialist Republic". We dive into what is behind the seemingly recent Marxist push in politics, schools, and media. We also discuss the global reach of the CCP, the goal of the Great Reset, and the path toward insolvency for states like California and New York. This and much more on the riveting episode!

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