March 14, 2022

Episode 85: Jason Lefkowitz

Episode 85: Jason Lefkowitz

In a stunning reversal of policy, Austria drops its draconian vaccine policy and Australia tosses its isolation policy, effectively freeing medical prisoners from Covid concentration camps. Vaccine injuries skyrocket as myocarditis cases surge to half of 2021's numbers in the first two months of the year, and California authorities raid a preschool and interrogate toddlers without parents present. The US government contradicts itself over the presence of biolabs in Ukraine and evidence shows they were funded under Obama and in part by Hunter Biden.

Then we are joined by friend of the show Jason Lefkowitz to discuss energy independence, the stratospheric rise in energy costs, and ways for people to mitigate the impact of the Green New Deal and global full-spectrum domination of the world's population.

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Jason Lefkowitz

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Dr. Anthony Fauci Says, “Asymptomatic Transmission Doesn't Drive Epidemics”


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