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April 18, 2022

Episode 87: State-Sanctioned Murder

Episode 87: State-Sanctioned Murder

Thousands rallied in downtown Los Angeles to end the mandates nationwide. A judge overturns restrictions on HIV-positive service members as US military deaths skyrocket to an enormous 1100% increase post-jab. Governments around the world refuse to declare an end to the pandemic to justify ratifying a resolution to hand over complete medical control to the WHO. 25 million residents of Shanghai are being held hostage by the CCP, as it starves the people to desperate effect government goons are filmed hauling people away to Covid concentration camps. All of this is hailed by Anthony Fauci as a brilliant way to get people vaccinated.

Then our guest Scott Schara shares the heart-breaking story of the murder of his young daughter Grace, at the hands of hospital staff following government-issued Covid protocols. We discuss a variety of intentional acts to override standard protocol, an illegal order from the doctor to not resuscitate (DNR), and the financial incentives to kill in the name of public health. Then we explore the larger picture as it relates to Covid, Agenda 21/2030, state-sanctioned murder and its eerie similarity to 1930s Nazi Germany, euthanasia, and the global genocide that is being carried out by governments worldwide.

Scott and Grace Schara

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