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May 16, 2022

Episode 91: Resurrection of America

Episode 91: Resurrection of America

New government data out of the U.K. shows "vaccines" kill 15 people for every one life saved from Covid, and a British study finds cardiac arrests are up 25% in vaccinated youth. Data from retail pharmacy Walgreens shows that double and triple jabbed people are more likely to test positive for Covid. The truth about Fauci's conflict of interest comes to light as it is revealed he and other NIH employees received over $350 million from pharmaceutical companies. And strange coincidences surround a recent string of at least 16 fires at food processing plants that are occurring simultaneously with government-predicted food shortages.

Then we are joined by astrologist Jeff Harman who reveals historical patterns that are linked to astrological events. The position of these celestial bodies coincides with major historical events, such as the Civil War, and are now in the same position again. According to Jeff, the United States is at a critical juncture, where one path leads to the destruction of the country we know and the other leads to the rebirth of our great nation. Which will it be? Tune in to find out!

Jeff Harman


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