June 27, 2022

Episode 97: How to Avert a Civil War

Episode 97: How to Avert a Civil War

Good news out of Australia as unvaccinated teachers are welcomed back to the classroom, and the UK government finally begins to recognize that the jab is injuring and killing people as it awards compensation to one of its victims. The attorney general of Missouri files suit against the Biden administration for conspiring with Big Tech to suppress the 1st Amendment rights of American citizens, while an alarming number of food processing facilities have come under attack in what some are considering part of a foreign attack on our country. Liberal media pundits on CNN begin to channel Adolf Hitler by calling for the need to abort people with physical and mental handicaps, while the policies of Dr. Fauci have resulted in the genocide of nearly a million children in Africa.

Then we are joined by award-winning writer-director Rick Pamplin to discuss his latest project, Movie Money Confidential, which gives aspiring filmmakers the tools they need to finance their projects. We discuss the importance of producing films outside of the Hollywood system, and how free speech is critical to maintaining a civil society. We also look at the current Supreme Court ruling over Roe vs. Wade and discuss the concerted effort to silence anybody who criticizes the results of the 2020 election.

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Writer-director Rick Pamplin




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