Democrat Officials Lie To Maintain Grip On Power

Nashville, TN Democrat city officials have been suppressing key COVID-19 data regarding bars and restaurants. As of June 30, over 1,000 cases of coronavirus were added to the city's total. The local government used this as justification for a 34% increase in property taxes on city residents. What the mayor's office hid from the public was that local bars and restaurants produced only 22 cases of COVID-19 and that the majority of cases came from construction sites and nursing homes.

After the numbers were tallied, Leslie Waller, an Epidemiologist at Metro Nashville Public Health Department, asked if this information was going to be publicly released, to which the mayor's office said, "No, this is not for public consumption". When pressed on the issue by local Fox reporter Dennis Ferrier, the mayor's office tried to dodge the issue by demanding the reporter use a FIOA (Freedom of Information Act) request to get the information, as seen in the video below:

This is clearly a coverup and evidence that Democrat mayors along with Democrat governors across the United States are working in concert to suppress any data that would lessen their grip on power during this so-called 'crisis'.

In another example of data manipulation, Democrat Hawaiian officials claimed recently that 255 positives cases are proof of false negatives. Yes, you read that right. On of September 3rd and 4th of this year, Hawaiian officials turned the Tetsuo Harano tunnel on the island of Oahu, into a drive-thru testing facility.

What makes this concerning, is that the tunnel represents a choke point along highway H3, which stretches from Honolulu to the east side of Oahu, and is the main thoroughfare between the Marine base in Kaneohe and the naval base at Pearl Harbor. Though not the only route through the mountains, it is the most travelled, and therefore presents itself as the best opportunity for officials to test the locals for COVID-19. But their attempt to capture large numbers of infected people didn't go quite as planned.

In addition to all of the other testing that went on over that weekend, out of the more than 60,000 people that were tested, only 255 tested positive for the virus. This resulted in the number of positive cases accounting for approximately .5% of those tested; bad news for the totalitarian Democrat government of Hawaii. But rather than admit that the virus is not widespread and relax restrictions on the local population, government officials decided to double down on the lie and insist that there must have been a large number of false negatives.

It is strange that they would choose to use the 'false negative' narrative, considering that recent reports on testing indicate the exact opposite. According to a recent NY Times article, up to 90% of all PCR tests have resulted in false positives. What this means is that out of the estimated 6.8 million cases in the U.S., there are actually only 680,000 people who were infected with the virus, and out of the estimated 200,000 deaths, there are actually only 20,000 people who died with the virus in their system, which is a third of the number of people who died of the flu last year.

CDC Director, Robert Redfield now suggests that even after there is a vaccine, we will still have to wear masks; indefinitely. In June of this year a peer-reviewed study was published showing that asymptomatic carriers cannot spread COVID-19. This was acknowledged by the WHO on June 5th. If that's the case, why are healthy people still required to wear masks? It's obviously not for anybody's safety, it's about using fear to control people. As has been discussed in the Free America Podcast many times, the way to overcome fear is with information. This is why there has been such a strong effort to control the flow of information on social media and in the mainstream media. It is now obvious why these self-appointed tyrants in Democrat-controlled cities and states have been perpetuating lies and disinformation; it is the only way that they can maintain their grip on power.

According to Pennsylvania Democrats, masks are nothing more than political theater...

Keep in mind that these are the same people who made the apocalyptic prediction that 2.5 million Americans would die. Then, when it looked like the virus was nowhere near as dangerous as they said it was going to be, they started inflating the infection numbers with faulty tests and inflating the death numbers by including people that died of causes unrelated to COVID-19. Now that their fraud has been exposed, they continue to lie, deceive, and suppress information that will ultimately rob them of their tyrannical control over the masses.

This at once both extremely concerning and telling of Democrat leaders' true intentions. As has long been suspected by many, the COVID-19 lockdowns and mask mandates are not part of an effort to prevent large numbers of people from getting infected simultaneously, but are part of a coordinated push to destroy the economy and create dependence upon the government for our survival. This in itself is part of a larger plan for the global roll-out of a totalitarian takeover of once autonomous countries by an unelected body known as the United Nations. What once could never have been accomplished with the use of force has now been ushered in at our insistence with the use of fear.

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