Season One

Here are a few episodes from the early days of the Free America Podcast. They may be a bit clunky and unpolished, but you will get a glimpse of how it all began, and see some first time interviews with recurring guests!

Episode 1: Siaka Massaquoi

In this premiere episode of the Free America Podcast, we host a special guest, actor, and political analyst, Siaka Massaquoi. We'll be discussing everything from BLM, calls to defund the police, the dangers of UBI, white supremacy, and everything in between.

Episode 2: Joey Haim

In this episode, we dive deep into the recent censorship of a group of doctors trying to present their findings regarding the use of Hydroxychloroquine as a means of treating COVID-19. We'll also be joined by guest Joey Haim, who discusses everything from coronavirus to conspiracies. Get ready for an exciting podcast!

Episode 3: Miguel Maldonado

On this Sunday's live podcast, host Nick Yaya reveals the potential dangers of the COVID-19 vaccine and we welcome guest Miguel Maldonado. Nick and Miguel rarely agree on any of today's issues, so this should be an exciting show!

Episode 4: Ronald Russell Farnham

Host Nick Yaya discusses the issue of debt slavery and its effect on every American. He is then joined by author Ronald Farnham who shares how to free ourselves from the bondage of debt.

Episode 5: Scott duPont

Free speech is protected by the 1st Amendment; right? Not always. It is under attack from Big Tech. Host Nick Yaya shares video evidence of systemic censorship at Facebook. We also welcome actor, author, and filmmaker Scott duPont to discuss free speech in Hollywood and his new podcast, Finance Your Movie.

Episode 6: Ram Thorburn

Host Nick Yaya breaks down the recent incidents in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and then he's joined by Ram Thorburn. In this, no-holds-barred discussion, Ram and Nick discuss a variety of issues including the recent riots, the upcoming election, and the growing divisiveness amongst Americans.