Dec. 19, 2022

Episode 115: Are We at Civil War?

Episode 115: Are We at Civil War?

Is legacy media conspiring with the Chinese Communist Party to push state-sponsored propaganda upon the rest of the world? Bombshell revelations are dropping daily as attorneys sue hospitals for murder with Remdesivir, FOIA requests reveal the CDC expected a 600% increase in VAERS reports before the vaccine was approved, and attorneys general begin to investigate Fauci for covering up gain-of-function research. Plus data from insurance actuaries in Australia and Germany show that people at an exaggerated rate post-vaccine rollout.

We welcome back to the show Dr. Peter Breggin to discuss the latest developments in the legal attacks waged upon him by Dr. Robert Malone. We also discuss the state of our country and the world with regard to the increasing levels of authoritarianism that are ebbing away at our freedoms. We also get his thoughts on the recent revelations by Elon Musk which show collaboration between Big Tech and government to silence conservative voices, as well as his prognostication of a potential civil war ignited by the globalists, and much more!

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